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April 10, 2008


When there are no new results to report in the race for the Democratic nomination, some media outlets seem to get a little punchy with their political coverage. Or should I say, a paucity of party primaries perhaps pushes publications to pen puerile pages. Nowhere was this playful tone more apparent than in the assonance featured in a recent New York Times story about the resignation of Clinton's chief strategist Mark Penn: "Ouster Opens Opportunity for Obama."

Of course, the Times isn't the only publication to fall for the allure of the alliteration. NBC's First Read blog featured a piece about public campaign financing entitled "Obama to Opt Out?," and the Manila Standard Today ran an article that seems to have been written solely to fulfill the words in its headline: "Obama, Osama, O Mama!"

Hillary Clinton is not immune from this silliness, having been the subject of stories from CBS's "Clinton's Candid Campaign Conversations" to the New York Daily News's "Clinton campaign denies cash crunch" and "Clinton's chief aide canned by Colombia."

Speaking of Colombia, it seems to Gelf that some publications should make more of an effort to distinguish the Latin American country from its Ivy League homonym. Among the various news outlets to claim the Mark Penn is no longer with the Clinton campaign due to his dalliances with other institutions of higher education (get it? Penn and Columbia?) are Mother Jones, the Huffington Post, the Boston Herald, and The Nation.

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