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December 19, 2008

Molly Shattuck: Cheerleader, Secret Millionaire

Back in 2005, Molly Shattuck was the subject of one of the most poorly received Rick Reilly columns to ever land in Sports Illustrated. At 38, the super-hot wife of a super-rich CEO was not only a super mom, she was also a super cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens*! Super awesome! Thank God someone was there to make her feel even better about herself by giving her head on the back page of a national magazine! Luckily, her well-deserved time in the limelight isn't quite over.

Molly Shattuck

Molly Shattuck on The Secret Millionaire.

That's because Molly Shattuck is a Secret Millionaire. Before her husband's company's portfolio tanked this fall (and well after he didn't make it off of the short list of candidates to become the next NFL commissioner), Molly Shattuck starred in an episode of what might possibly be the worst television show ever made.

For almost a week, Shattuck removed her makeup, donned a hoodie, and slummed it with the poor people of downtrodden Pennsylvania, only to then turn around and hand checks to the folks she had duped into thinking she could possibly be one of them. That's what this great show is all about, you see. Multi-millionaires are people too! If you're nice to a smoking-hot salon worker with suspiciously white teeth who's being followed around by a FOX film crew, you too might be a recipient of Molly Shattuck's largess!

While you're waiting for that to happen, you can console your broke ugly self with the fact that you're not a media whore.

*Before you start worrying that we're overlooking the fact that she won a competition fair and square to become a Ravenette, don't forget that being a pro cheerleader is a joke. High school and college cheerleading can involve competition and athletic ability, but pro cheerleading simply requires memorizing a few routines and being really hot. Both of which Shattuck seemed to handle with aplomb in her two years on the squad.

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- Media
- posted on Apr 24, 10
Sylvetser C. Woodland

Molly Shattuck truly is a saint at heart. Recently, she stopped by with her kids at the Maryland Center For Veterans Education and Training (MCVET)in Baltimore Maryland. She came in the spirit of giving to an almost forgotten element of our society-Veterans who struggle with homelessness, addictions and mental health. Her act of kindness impacted me in a way that made me believe in myself and my country once more. After serving in the U.S. Navy for several years my life spiraled out of control when I decided to leave the Navy with significant knee injuries shortly after the first Gulf War. Upon making one bad choice after another I eventually wound up homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Eventually my path led me to this wonderful place, MCVETS and my dignity began to be restored. Then along comes Molly Shattuck and reinforces my need to believe in myself and my country. There are still plenty of good people in America who want to help others succeed. For a minute in my despair I had lost focus of that. Thanks to the Shattuck's family I can clearly see I was wrong. This type of community service is exactly what makes a City like Baltimore so great. We can not come to "Believe" by sitting at home imagining what we can do to help this City change together we have to get out there and do it because of what we already "Believe". Mrs. Shattuck surpassed Idealism and Socialism and answered the call of humanism with compassion and charity. Thats what makes me "Believe" God bless the Shattuck Family!!!

- Media
- posted on Aug 17, 11

Hi i was watching show and was very impressed. I'm from South Africa and would only pray and wish we had someone like molly here. I am involved in so many charities but we don't have funds. Hopefully one day God will bless us also. God bless you in your generosity.

- Media
- posted on Sep 09, 11
Burton Mazzone

The Clear heartfelt message and good spirited kindness and true humanitarian selflessness of Molly and this Show/episode of 'Millionaire' is profound and wonderful.

It is equally shocking to think how jaded and heartless the author of the article above must be to not see how much a program and act of kindness like this can really help so many lives that really deserve and need it.
The contrast of people in this world is indeed massive - We must always stay aware and focused on the great, loving and generous with their lives and efforts.

- Media
- posted on Feb 17, 12

i have to say i watched ur show, secret millionaire and the lifes them people have had would ov broke ur heart, you have a heart off gold to help them out, that wee baby boy i just wanted to take him home with me, im a single mum off 3 and could never dream of givin my kids to anyone they r my life, im just writing to say that the world could do with more people like u who want to help the people who are having a hard life, ur a real gem, heart ov heart like ive already said xx

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