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October 22, 2008

Hip Brooklyn Heresy

The New York Times recently published an article chronicling several Park Slope neighbors who have committed the ultimate act of political blasphemy in the famously liberal 'hood—they've put up McCain signs. And, no, they haven't done it ironically. This made Gelf wonder what other actions might get you dirty looks from the tastemakers of gentrified Brooklyn.

Going into a bar, ordering a Bud Light, and asking the bartender to put the game on.

Walking into a local coffee shop with a Dell laptop.

Wearing a Yankees hat with a curved brim.

Carrying a Wal-Mart shopping bag.

Dressing your baby in OshKosh B'Gosh, as opposed to, say, a yupster Ramones onesie.

Reading The Kite Runner on the subway.

Wearing a Coldplay shirt.

Got any more? Put 'em in the comments.

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- World
- posted on Oct 22, 08

Dressing yourself in a onesie, also unironically?

- World
- posted on Oct 22, 08

Forget asking to "put the game on;" if the place even has a TV, you've already lost. Unless of course the TV shows a repeating loop of a blinking, technicolor eyeball.

- World
- posted on Oct 23, 08

pushing baby in non-Maclaren stroller.

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