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July 15, 2008

(Bleep), F***, or F*ck?

Phillies second baseman Chase Utley had something of a Jesse Jackson moment at baseball's Home Run Derby when he was booed by New York (presumably Met) fans and said to Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, "Boo? Fuck you." Only, of course, Utley was wearing a microphone at the time and ESPN was not using a tape delay, so the comment made its way on to television. It did not, however, make its way into many other media outlets.

Chase Utley
PhillyBurbs.com, Delaware's News Journal, and the Philadelphia Daily News (via the Boston Herald) went with the rather tame "bleep you." A blog for the typically salacious New York Post went a bit further, but still refused to print the actual word, leaving us to fill in the blanks: "F*** you." Even Philadelphia sports blog the The700Level did not print the word in its entirety, though they probably came closest: "F*ck you." They also included a photo of a nifty little t-shirt which we'd be pretty enthused about, were we a Philly fan.

But we're a New York fan; further, we're a Mets fan. So we don't like the Phillies very much. Yet, we appreciate Utley's game, and he's on our fantasy team, so we kind of have mixed feelings about the guy. We certainly don't think he deserves to be booed (indeed, we tend to disapprove of booing in general), and we gotta give him some credit: his muttered vulgarity is pretty catchy. We can only hope that his comment will start a new trend of rhyme-oriented sports trash talk.

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- Sports
- posted on Jul 16, 08

looks like it got into Uggla's head.

- Sports
- posted on Jul 16, 08
H. Moleman

They were saying Boo-urns.

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