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July 12, 2007

Will 'Sicko' Influence the Election?

Michael Moore's new film compellingly explains why the American health-care system is broken. But will it kick up enough dust to cause any real changes?

Sarah Arnquist

How can we treat people like this? Michael Moore asks this double-edged question in his newest film, Sicko, which tells the tragic tales of insured people who have been poorly served by the US health-care system. Moore's film portrays insurance executives and the power they wield in Washington as the ultimate evil corrupting health care in America. He contends that in their pursuit of plum profits, they deny lifesaving care to those most in need. Then, unlike in his previous films, he offers a policy solution in the form of government-run, universal health care, often dubbed socialized medicine. He brings his cameras to Canada, France, Britain, and even Cuba to show how much better off their citizens are with free, national health care.

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Article by Sarah Arnquist

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