May 1, 2007

The Saga of

As a 12-year old, Chris Van Allen out-battled the Prema Toy Company (the makers of Gumby) for rights to the domain. Ten years later, he's trying to get his site back once again.

David Kesmodel

Almost 10 years ago, Dave Van Allen, the founder of FastNet, an internet service provider based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, bought a web address for the 12th birthday of his son Chris. In doing so, he inadvertently started one of the first and most notable internet domain-name disputes in history.

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- Internet
- posted on May 02, 07
Chris Van Allen

Great article Dave!

- Internet
- posted on May 03, 07
keith h.

a great read ... + i like that david's photo at 12 looks like it's from the '50s

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