November 12, 2009

Teaching Brands to Facebook

Self-described "Digital Influencer" Julia Roy brings social media to the corporate world.

Michael Gluckstadt

At some point between Facebook winning Barack Obama the election and Twitter leading a revolution in Iran, corporations began to realize that there might be something for them in this whole social media thing. After first turning to their kids and interns for advice, executives began to look for a more structured and professional approach to developing a social media strategy. And Julia Roy and Undercurrent were there to serve them.

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- Internet
- posted on Nov 12, 09
Rachel Ezrin

Really enjoyed this article and found Julia very insightful. What I found most interesting was her take on social media activation..and how brands should take ownership of new relationships and communities instead of relying on agencies for engagement.
Definitely will share and RT.

Article by Michael Gluckstadt

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