July 21, 2011

Kelly Sutton’s New Minimalism

For the founder of the Cult of Less, the road to happiness is paved with stuff he used to own.

Max Lakin

In many ways, Kelly Sutton is the media industry’s darkest night terror. He owns no books, no CDs, no DVDs. He buys no magazines. Save for a sketchpad, he in fact owns no paper products at all. He has three pieces of art, a Kindle, a MacBook, an iPad, some assorted peripherals, and a shallow wardrobe. He does not own a television, and isn’t really that beholden to the bed he sleeps on.

In the same way, Kelly Sutton is a conflagration of searing light— a walking Tomorrowland—fully living in the way most of us have just been hinting at, demonstrating that it is possible to completely digest one’s content online without combusting or succumbing to fascism.

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Article by Max Lakin

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