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February 27, 2012

The Boeheim Brand of Basketball

Jim Boeheim left behind the family burial business, but his biographer Scott Pitoniak says the legendary Syracuse coach learned how to compete from his father.

Andrew Golding

Jim Boeheim is an iconic figure at Syracuse University, where he has been the head coach of the men's basketball team for 36 years. He has led the Orangemen to nearly 900 wins during his career, and this year's team is ranked second in the nation, with a record of 27-1. Boeheim is 67 years old, tall and skinny, aptly described as lanky, with thinning hair and wearing glasses, often seen yelling at referees during games, like many of his peers.

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- posted on Mar 03, 12
Jamey Fadim

Love the way Gelf gets the story behind the story!

Article by Andrew Golding

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