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Turning Trash into Art

Max Liboiron finds beauty in Garbage, even while trying to minimize its impact.


New York's Garbologist-in-Chief

NYU Professor Robin Nagle is, quite literally, the city's go-to expert on the interaction between trash and society.


Big Daddy Novelist

Drew Magary moves from sports blogging to sci-fi.


A Biological Fountain of Youth?

Aubrey de Grey says humanity is likely to cure aging in the next century, and he is doing his part.


An Anti-Aging Scientist Shines a Light on His Foe

Instead of combating the effects of aging, Dr. Jan Vijg looks to understand them first.


A Defender of Reason

Massimo Pigliucci, a self-described skeptic and humanist, stakes out the Internet as a platform for a 21st-century public intellectual.


Kelly Sutton’s New Minimalism

For the founder of the Cult of Less, the road to happiness is paved with stuff he used to own.


Measuring the Quality of Life

Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index consultant Danielle Posa talks about how the survey is giving new insights into the health and happiness of Americans.


The Unmerited Origins of Wealth

Policy researcher Lew Daly explains why the self-made man is a myth.


The Bracketless Bracket

Gelf turns a Bill James concept into a new March Madness tournament.

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