July 21, 2011

Measuring the Quality of Life

Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index consultant Danielle Posa talks about how the survey is giving new insights into the health and happiness of Americans.

Vincent Valk

"How are you today, really?"

Every night, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index calls 1,000 Americans to ask this question. The giant, ongoing poll of Americans' well-being asks respondents to evaluate their lives, but it also asks about their health, their access to necessities like food and transportation, and even if they laughed or smiled yesterday. With more than one million responses in the database going back to 2008, the index paints a pretty comprehensive picture of how Americans are really doing.

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- posted on Jul 22, 11
Susan W.

Great write-up Danielle! Congrats!

Article by Vincent Valk

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