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Reporters, Meet Facebook

Questions and answers for journalists navigating walls, pokes, friend lists, and groups about threesomes to find stories.


Picking Up What They're Laying Down

Gelf gets the scoop on the biggest he-stole-she-stole song plagiarism debates of the last half century.


Will 'Sicko' Influence the Election?

Michael Moore's new film compellingly explains why the American health-care system is broken. But will it kick up enough dust to cause any real changes?


Between Barack and a MySpace

Obama campaign staffers bungled their candidate's social networking strategy by staging a hostile takeover of Joe Anthony's popular fan site for the senator.


How HDTV will Influence the Election

Actors have spent years fretting over the rise of high-definition television. Now it's the politicians' time to worry.


An Unrepentant Prognosticator

Climatologist George Kukla still believes an ice age is likely.


The Complete Layman's Guide to the Health-Care System

Health-care expert and author Jonathan Cohn helps Gelf understand America's maddeningly confusing health insurance system.


Wiping 'Squaw' off the Map

Is the word 'squaw' a sexual epithet? Can and should it be scrubbed from the country's geographic landforms like 'nigger' and 'jap' before it? Gelf investigates.


Taking on Ann Coulter

Joe Maguire wrote a book targeting the right-wing polemicist—and lost his job at Reuters as a result.


Banning Happiness in South Dakota

The decision by pro-lifers to focus on the well-being of the mother should backfire. Here's why.

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