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August 17, 2007

Reporters, Meet Facebook

Questions and answers for journalists navigating walls, pokes, friend lists, and groups about threesomes to find stories.

Michael Gluckstadt

Last week, Slate created controversy by publishing an article revealing that Caroline Giuliani had joined a Facebook group in support of Barrack Obama, accompanied by a screenshot of her profile. The story was picked up in the mainstream press, from the New York Times to CNN. Many blogs disapproved of Slate's actions, and Slate readers commenting in The Fray were particularly incensed by the lack of discretion. JoshC wrote, "I don't think that it's fair to invade his daughter's online privacy."

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- Internet
- posted on Aug 19, 07

Good on you Michael. Well said. I especially like the way you answered the question about being poked.

- Internet
- posted on Oct 17, 07

now I get it. Thanks for the insight

- Internet
- posted on Dec 08, 14

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