October 2, 2008

Love and Basketball

Why stat-heads and scouts need to kiss and make up to advance the sweet science of the NBA.

Nathaniel Friedman and Tom Ziller

Now is a very good time to be a seamhead. Ever since the publication of Moneyball, even the most casual fan has known that there's truth in them there advanced baseball statistics. Billy Beane's teams, and then Theo Epstein's Red Sox, backed up theory with results. By this point, the movement has transformed itself from an esoteric experiment to a haven for clear, sane thinking about baseball. Going after sacred cows, debunking myths, calling bullshit on the folkways of the game — with the truth on their side, sabermetricians have earned the right to drop all pretenses and laugh at the losers. Witness the blog Fire Joe Morgan, where the message of baseball's new, rational path is delivered via jabs and jeers at the ignorant media. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, but knowing does grant you a lifetime right to sarcasm.

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- Sports
- posted on Oct 03, 08

Exactly. Great stuff, well written, and I totally agree. If what you say about only about 4 executives having read Oliver's book, that is very, very sad.

- Sports
- posted on Oct 03, 08
Andrew Thell

Fantastic work guys. Really enjoyed the way the framework of the debate has been set up here. These are things serious basketball fans have been saying to one another for years, but rarely so eloquently. And as always, there is no right answer, just a need to synthesize two utile approaches through rigorous application of good judgment.

Nicely done.

- Sports
- posted on Oct 12, 09
Mr. Shrimp

Great piece. It seems obvious that sharp, observant, knowledgeable scouting, and advanced analysis, would go naturally together, but apparently it isn't.

One minor quibble: basketball is failed by anything but TV now, but that's only because Chick Hearn is no longer with us.

- Sports
- posted on Oct 02, 12
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Article by Nathaniel Friedman and Tom Ziller

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