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January 31, 2012

Gridlocked in the Bog

Dan Steinberg is six years into a stint as the Washington Post's sports blogger. Can he keep up the furious output without Gilbert Arenas on the scene?

Justin Adler

Dan Steinberg's started the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog in 2006, and while much has changed in the internet landscape since then (you'll find athletes embarrassing themselves on Twitter, not MySpace), Steinberg's Bog remains just as essential—or as completely unessential, depending on how you look at it—as it ever was. Despite the city's sports drought—which has involved only one pro team, DC United, reaching the conference finals in the past six years—Steinberg continues to find interesting angles on DC-anything, from chronicles of curly w's, to Ovie's 'do, to Redskins-themed BBQ beasts known as "fanbulances."

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- posted on Feb 01, 12

Dan (and Sally Jenkins) are the only reason I'm loyal to WaPo sports.

Article by Justin Adler

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