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Taking on Ann Coulter

Joe Maguire wrote a book targeting the right-wing polemicist—and lost his job at Reuters as a result.


Marble's Memorable Mississippi Moment

Gelf interviews the doctor who told Dick Cheney to go fuck himself.


Scratching a Wound

What a 1946 flick about WWII veterans tells us about 'United 93' and how we should respond to it.


Tea Time

Boston patriots dump the 'bainfull weed' in their harbor, 232 years later, though one teen suggests an alternative: nuke the Brits' ships.


How to Beat Obesity

Use the same tactics that have been successful against smoking.


How The Man Is Helped by Today's Deep Throats

Newsweek, CBS, and sources who lie.


Roe, Wade, or Sink?

One pro-life leader tries to bridge the gaps in a movement he sees as more fractured than ever.



The government combines its twin loves of color-coded systems and unnecessary overhauls of simple programs to bring you the new and improved food pyramid.

Buried lead

Budget Sucks—but At Least It's On-Time!

In the New York Times's twisted report card for Albany's new budget, punctuality counts for more than math skills.


Grounded for the Month? Appeal to Congress!

Private family decisions leave your house for The House. Gelf's legal correspondent on the fundamental inconsistency of "Terri's Law."

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