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February 12, 2013

From Superpower Stalwart to Guerrilla Reporter

Once Amy K. Nelson left the corporate world of ESPN for the anything-goes ethos of SB Nation, she never looked back.

Patrick Burns

Amy K. Nelson's original dream was to be a war reporter. And though she ended up in the sports arena instead of the military theater, she's still driven by the same impulses. "There is an adrenaline and rush—it sort of makes me tick," she tells Gelf. "When I'm injected into something that is high-impact, smart reporting, high-stress, I thrive."

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- posted on Feb 12, 13

I am a huge fan of her work and I would love to do what she's doing one day. I just wish you asked her how she got started in sports and got to work at ESPN. Its a dream of mine and I'd like to know her school/career path, who her influences were etc. I really look up to her but don't know much about one day getting to where she is. I'm a little on the inexperienced side so any advice is welcomed!

Article by Patrick Burns

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