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October 30, 2008

Dick Jokes with Drew

The man Buzz Bissinger dubbed 'Big Daddy Balls' and decried as the nadir of sports blogging has written a book of his own. Made up of lots of blog posts.

Michael Gluckstadt

There are certain word associations that immediately call to mind figures in the sports blogging world (at least to me). I hear Jimmy Olsen, and I think of Will Leitch. Same for Tim Tebow and Dan Shanoff. I think Drew Magary would be honored by the fact that in the Google of my mind, the first result for "dick joke" is undoubtedly his blogging alias Big Daddy Drew.

Magary is one of the proprietors—along with Matt Ufford, Michael Tunison, Jack Kogod, Josh Zerkle and Flubby—of the irreverent football-humor blog Kissing Suzy Kolber. If you have to ask what the name means, then it's probably not meant for you (but here's the answer, anyway). Magary and some of the others (including the departed Footsteps Falco, but not newcomers Tunison or Flubby) started the blog in 2006 as commenters on the popular sports blog Deadspin. KSK has since found its niche as the go-to destination on the internet for obscene dramatic monologues attributed to mediocre quarterbacks, and other fun NFL-related humor. Magary also contributes to Deadspin on a regular basis.

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- posted on Nov 25, 08
Flip Washingotn

Sweet baby Christ . . . there's nary a place on the web where this fat, pasty fuck didn't plug his book. It's funny though. I promise.

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