March 5, 2006

City Seen

A sign-eating tree, a car-tire fire, and other snapshots of the spectacle that is New York City.

Joel Grabois

Spot something memorable in New York or anywhere else? Let Gelf know.

Men fist-fighting in the park December '05

City Seen
Joel Grabois
Neighborhood car fire November '05 (video)

Wild air-drummer amid subway riders November '05 (video)

Giant inflatable gorilla

A young man with his hand caught in subway doors November '05

A car-service driver putting down a guitar as he crosses an intersection October '05

Highway car fire

Arlo Guthrie June '05

Roasted snack crabs in a bag reading "Let's Party" November '04

Man on a studded leash

Glorious Ping Pong champions September '04

A cat hunting a huge rat

Dr. Toothy's World September '04

Taxi speedometer at 90, Manhattan Bridge August '04

A street sign half-eaten by a tree May '04

People chasing a loose dog

A blind man speaking on the cellphone as he crosses an intersection March '04

A suited man weeping as he walks down the street November '03

Parking ticket on my car; OK, a few

Violent Gang of Transvestite Prostitutes

Cat on a leash

Igloo in the park

Man menacing Brooklyn restaurants, one after the other

Joel is a marketing director by day and musician/home contractor by night. He resides in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. What have you seen in New York City, or anywhere else? Email Joel with your find, in words and in images.

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