July 23, 2008

Taxi Cab Convictions

Like Travis Bickle, Adil Aboussalham cleans scum off the New York streets. Unlike Travis Bickle, he's not a sociopath.

Max Lakin

The relationship between the hack and his fare is a curiously distant one, considering they are sitting mere feet from each other throughout the ride. For the most part, cabbies are fine with ferrying irate, deluded, or wildly loaded New Yorkers and tourists around the city, and are just trying not to get robbed or hurt. And for their part, those who hail cabs generally accept that their drivers may regard them as cretins not worth a syllable of their attention.

But when the plastic divider does come down, as it did for seven-year veteran driver Adil Aboussalham last fall, the city takes notice.

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- World
- posted on Nov 20, 08

I am a Dundee taxi driver and am part of a group of taxi drivers who have arrange to take 80 well deserving kids on a day out. Our plan is to take 80 kids from a organization called youth link on a day trip give them a packed lunch and a goodie bag to go home with. .we are going to dress up and decorate our taxis with balloons and streamers just like other taxis do from other cities.

We have set up a web page ( ) to help us raise funds for our BIG DAY OUT and hopefully raise funds for this self funding organization .On our web site we have a guest book and have been getting messages of support from all over the world. For more information please visit the web site, we would also be forever grateful if you could leave a message on our guest book.

The BIG DAY OUT will take place on Sunday 7th June 2009 I now it is along time away but we want to make this a day to remember.

We are holding a raffle which will be drawn on 20th Dec 2008 and one of our drivers is going to have a sponsored head shave. There has already been a lot of help and donations given which you could see on our sponsor’s page on our web site.

We plan to have a lot of fun and raise a lot money for a good cause.
.I am trying to get as much messages as possible from all over the world we hope this will encourage local businesses to get involved



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