March 4, 2007

Baseball's Unofficial Chat Room

Sports fans aren't generally privy to the private conversations of MLB players. So, in a feat of twisted brilliance, The Dugout's writers imagine what Barry Bonds (screenname:LicensetoPills) and his colleagues might say to each other in an online chat.

Carl Bialik

When Jon Bois, Nick Dallamora, and Brandon Stroud gather in The Dugout to imagine what baseball figures past and present might say to each other in a chat room, the results are typically perverse and hilarious. During this offseason, J.D. Drew browsed to decide which teams to list in the no-trade clause of his Boston Red Sox contract. (While reading the site, Drew chuckles to himself, "Ha. Gay basketball.") And Braves GM John Schuerholz had to feed money into Mike Hampton (chat name, naturally, O_Captain_Mike_Hampton) to get answers to his questions about what the Braves pitcher was doing last year while collecting baseball's seventh highest salary to sit injured at home. (How many shits per day? "Once every five days or so. I tried my best to stick with my normal pitching schedule.")

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- Sports
- posted on Feb 29, 08

what is meant when a hitter is said to be rolling over?

- Sports
- posted on Oct 02, 08

why do the rays play upton when he obviously has no desire

- Sports
- posted on Oct 02, 08

why do the tampa bay rays, keep playing b.j. upton, he has no desire to play

- Sports
- posted on Apr 10, 09
dean collins

You might also want to check out www.LiveBaseballChat as well.

Just launched last Sunday, offers 2430 chat rooms for each specific game over the 2009 MLB season.


- Sports
- posted on May 23, 09
Baseball Man

Anyone see the Phillies-Yankees game tonight?

- Sports
- posted on Aug 14, 09
Pat Voss

does anyone have any kind of proof if whether or not ken griffey jr used steroids?

- Sports
- posted on Dec 23, 12
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