April 22, 2009

Ball of Fame

With a little effort, you, too, can be a star.

Jake Rake

"I just want attention."
—Abraham J. Simpson

For better or for worse, it is currently easier to become famous than at any point in human history. (Save for the days of Adam & Eve, during which it was impossible not to be famous. For either one, literally 100% of Earth's population was aware of them—a thought which Bono, sitting in a air-conditioned tent in some impoverished African nation—is surely salivating over). For most of history, however, fame has been the exclusive province of those:

a) Very good at something (Isaac Newton, Benjamin Banneker, Hildegard De Bingen)
b) Very bad at something (Montezuma, Sir Walter Raleigh)
c) Very wealthy (Various Di Medicis, Antoinettes, and Hapsburgs)

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