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Us brings you up-to-the-minute celebrity news. We don't.

David Goldenberg David Goldenberg is the co-founder and editor of Gelf. He's also the cofounder of PigSpigot, the best greeting-card shop in the world, and the founder of OjoDojo, the awesomest photo-sharing site on the 'net. Read his Gelf articles here.

Michael Gluckstadt is a contributing editor at Gelf and host of the Varsity Letters speaking series. Read his Gelf articles here. Michael Gluckstadt

Adam Rosen Adam Rosen is a contributing editor of Gelf, and host of the Non-Motivational Speaker Series. He lives in Brooklyn. Read his Gelf articles here.

Gelf contributor Max Lakin is a writer and journalist based in New York and host of the Media Circus speaking series. Read his Gelf articles here. Max Lakin

Eric Lister Gelf senior designer Eric Lister lives in Brooklyn, where he abuses his body with junk food and gets inky with his bad self at InkForBrains.com.

Gelf contributor Justin Adler is a graduate of the University of Arizona. He finds D-list basketball players in Latin countries and blogs about it at Wherespmac.com. He is not actually a fan of the Knicks. Read his Gelf articles here. Justin Adler

Vincent Valk Vincent Valk is a Gelf contributor and hosts Geeking Out, Gelf's monthly science speaking series. Read his Gelf articles here.

Carl Bialik is a co-founder and contributing editor of Gelf. Bialik currently writes the Numbers Guy column for the Wall Street Journal and plays no role in Gelf's day-to-day editorial decisions. Read his Gelf articles here. Carl Bialik

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FAQ {Questions Asked About Gelf by Gelf }

What are you?
A webzine.

Who are you?
Generally, we're independent journalists.

Where are you?
In New York, and occasionally elsewhere.

When are you?
Daily. Sometimes 10 or 20 times a day. Real time, if you will. But don't hold us to it.

Why are you?
Because we can be, thanks to this information superhighway we keep reading about. Because we like to find out about things and write about them. And you'll like to read about them.

How are you?
A little jet-lagged, a little hungover, and a little piqued. You?

Why the retro term "webzine"? What's wrong with "blog"?
Webzine is more accurate. We're not really logging stuff, though we use software that can log stuff. Besides, c'mon, you too miss the waning days of the 20th century.

Why are you called "Gelf"?
It was our first idea, and we haven't had any better ones. You'll remember it, won't you? [Gelf gelf Gelf.] Which is the point, after all. The New Republic is neither new nor a republic. And The Nation hardly represents the Nation, the Wall Street Journal is largely a journal not of Wall Street, but of other stuff. We hear The Economist isn't actually about Economics. [Gelf gelf Gelf GELF.] And the New York Review of Books has all these essays that aren't about books at all. Stop bugging us. We have no good answers, only longish ones. More examples of titular mismatches appreciated. [Gelf gelf Gelf GELF. Gelf!] Where are all the stones rolling to anyway?

Who is asking the questions here anyway?
We are. So it's a fake-FAQ, which is why it's not called a FAQ, since no one really has asked these questions frequently. No one has asked them at all, in fact. Gelf has kind of rhetorically stated them. They're not really questions at all then, are they? Are they. Yep.

Why adopt the mock-format of the mock-FAQ then?
You are still reading, no?

But wouldn't an essay stating your goals—"the point," if you will—have been better?
Yes. But we haven't any goals, nor points. The score is zero-zero, and Greece wins!

Why not gelf.com?
Because it's not for sale.

Can we write for you?
Maybe. Send an e-mail to submissions A T gelfmagazine.com.

Can we write to you?
Surely. Send an e-mail to comments A T gelfmagazine.com.