A. Anushko

A. Anushko is a graduate student at Fordham University studying Applied Developmental Psychology.

Aaron Zamost

Aaron Zamost has been writing for Gelf since 2005.

Adam Conner-Simons

Adam Conner-Simons is a freelance journalist in Boston.

Adam L. Penenberg

Adam L. Penenberg is a journalism professor and assistant director of the business and economic program at New York University.

Adam Rosen

Adam Rosen is a contributing editor of Gelf, and host of the Non-Motivational Speaker Series.

Adam Rosen and Vincent Valk

Vincent Valk is a freelance writer, Gelf contributor, and sometime test-prep tutor. He lives in Chicago. Adam Rosen is a contributing editor of Gelf. He lives in New York City.

Aelfie Starr Tuff

Aelfie Starr Tuff studies religion at Columbia University.

Alex Eidman

Alex is a graduate of McGill University and a contributor to

Alex Tilney

Alex Tilney lives in Brooklyn and is a student in the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich is a graduate of Harvard Law School. She blogs at

Andrew Golding

Andrew Golding works in the television industry in New York. He twitters at

Andrew Kahn

Andrew Kahn is a freelance sportswriter who maintains his own blog.

Benjamin Samuel

Benjamin Samuel doesn't live in Brooklyn.

Carl Bialik

Carl Bialik, a co-founder of Gelf, is a writer for FiveThirtyEight.

Cat Wolinski

Cat Wolinski is an editor for Vision Monday magazine in SoHo, New York.

Cody Brown

Cody Brown is a student at New York University.

Craig Fehrman

Craig Fehrman is working on a PhD in English at Yale.

Dan Adler

Dan Adler is a freelance writer.

dan fleschner

Dan Fleschner is a producer at NBC's Today Show.

Daniel Pepper

Daniel Pepper is a writer and photojournalist focusing on human rights and social-justice issues.

David Downs

David Downs is a journalist based in San Francisco.

David Goldenberg

David Goldenberg is the co-founder and editor of Gelf, and the host of Geeking Out, Gelf's monthly science speaking series.

David Kesmodel

David Kesmodel is a writer in Chicago. He's writing a book on the history of domain names.

David Roth

David Roth is co-author of's Daily Fix, football columnist for The Awl, and contributor to Can't Stop the Bleeding.

Elisa Mala

Elisa Mala has reported from over two dozen countries.

Elizabeth Wilkes

Elizabeth Wilkes is a freelance event producer/ freestyle rapper/ Gelf's Events Intern.

Elliot Magruder

Elliot Magruder is an attorney and writer living in New York City.

Eric Lister

Gelf senior designer Mister Lister gets inky with his bad self at

Eric Yun

Eric Yun is getting a second degree in communications and lives in Long Island.

Evan Hilbert

Evan Hilbert is a writer living in Louisville, Kentucky.

Gabriel Baumgaertner

Gabriel Baumgaertner is a contributing writer and online producer at

Garey Ris

Garey Ris, a former copy editor and writer for the Ottawa Citizen, currently cowrites The Daily Fix for

Gilda Gazor

Gilda lives in Los Angeles and loves to criticize other people's advice.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Giovanni Rodriguez is a principal at Eastwick Communications, a Silicon Valley PR agency, as well as a writer and a blogger.

Graydon Gordian

Graydon Gordian is the founder and editor emeritus of 48 Minutes of Hell.

Hadley Robinson

Hadley Robinson is a Gelf contributor and a staff writer for the
Webster Times.

J. Michelangelo Stein

J. Michelangelo Stein, a history graduate student, lives in Los Angeles.

Jake Rake

Jake Rake, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, lives in Brooklyn. He blogs at

James Curcuru

James Curcuru is your average post-collegiate wunderkind looking for kicks from the printed word. He lives in Brooklyn.

Jason Fry

Jason Fry is a writer based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jenny Merkin

Jenny Merkin is a journalist living in New York who has contributed to Tablet, the Atlantic, and Time.

Jeremy Repanich

Jeremy Repanich is a writer for Sports Illustrated Kids.

Jim Chairusmi

Jim Chairusmi is a journalist in New York.

Joe Horton

Joe Horton is a writer based predominantly in the northern hemisphere.

Joel Grabois

Joel Grabois, Gelf's advertising director, is a marketing director by day and musician/home contractor by night. He resides in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Joseph Ax

Joseph Ax is a reporter for Reuters in New York.

Josh Sohn

Josh Sohn is a playwright in New York. He is a co-founder of abelian art project.

Joshua Gardner

Joshua Gardner works for the State Department at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, supporting local private-sector development and foreign direct investment.

Justin Adler

Justin Adler is a graduate of the University of Arizona. He blogs here.

justin williams

Justin Williams is an associate editor for Cincinnati Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter at @Williams_Justin.

Katharine Coldiron

Katharine Coldiron writes and lives in Maryland and on the web at She is the editor of 10X10X10, an online litmag launched in February 2007.

Keith Huang

Keith is a comedy nerd.

Konstantin Kakaes

Konstantin Kakaes is a fellow of the International Reporting Project, a non-profit journalism organization based in Washington, DC.

Larry Fleisher

Larry Fleisher is a freelance writer based out of New York who has covered Major League Baseball, hockey, and pro and college basketball.

Lucas Hazlett

Lucas Hazlett is a comedy geek who improvises with anyone he can.

Mari Krueger

Mari Saugier Krueger is a regular contributor to the Independent News.

Mark Chalifoux

Mark Chalifoux is a humor writer, sports columnist, and freelance feature writer.

Matthew Goldenberg

Matthew Goldenberg is a practicing psychiatrist in New Haven, CT.

Matthew Longo

Matthew Longo is a freelance writer based in Sana'a, Yemen, and a research assistant at the Yale University Department of Political Science.

Matthew Patin

Matthew Patin is a writer (sometimes) and editor (kind of) in New York City.

Max Lakin

Max Lakin is a writer and journalist based in New York.

Megan Stride

Megan Stride is a freelance writer and a regular contributor at the Daily Gorilla.

Melissa Sconyers

Melissa Sconyers is an ubergeek who is obsessed with technology, search engines, start-ups, and China.

Merrill Freund

Merrill Freund is a San Francisco-based PR veteran and triathlete novice. He co-hosts the Gelf podcast, the Hack and the Flack.

Michael Gluckstadt

Michael Gluckstadt is an editor at Gelf and host of the Varsity Letters speaking series.

Michael Myser

Michael Myser is a freelance writer in Morristown, New Jersey. His writing can be found at

Michael Myser and Merrill Freund

Michael Myser is a freelance writer in Morristown, New Jersey. Merrill Freund is a San Francisco-based PR veteran and triathlete novice.

Michael S. Gerber

Michael S. Gerber is a freelance journalist and ultimate-frisbee champion based in Bethesda, Maryland. Learn more at

Mickey Lambert

Mickey Lambert is a sports fan and occasional writer who lives in Brooklyn.

Monya De

Monya De is a freelance writer in San Francisco.

Nathaniel Friedman and Tom Ziller

Nathaniel Friedman writes as Bethlehem Shoals about basketball for Sporting News and FreeDarko. Tom Ziller writes about basketball at

Neil Goldman

Neil Goldman works at Charlie Rose.

Nick Matros

Nick Matros is a writer, Italian teacher, and high-school chess coach.

Patrick Burns

Patrick Burns is a blogger and contributing writer for Deadspin, and a graduate of Texas Christian University.

Paul Sterman

Paul Sterman is a freelance writer and an associate editor at The Toastmaster magazine in Southern California.

Pete Croatto

Pete Croatto is a freelance journalist and movie/book critic whose writing has appeared in MAD, Publishers Weekly, ICON, and Deadspin.

Pietro A.A. Canetta

Pietro Canetta is a physician in New York City.

Rena Traube

Rena Traube lives in New York City.

Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker graduated from New School University in 2006 with a BA in liberal arts.

Sara Michael

Sara Michael is a Baltimore-based writer and editor.

Sarah Arnquist

Sarah Arnquist is a health reporter at the San Luis Obispo Tribune, a daily newspaper on California's Central Coast.

Sarah Bowles and Hadley Robinson

Sarah Bowles lives in New York. Hadley Robinson lives in San Francisco.

Sarah Raymond

Sarah Raymond is a writer in Boston.

Sarah von Essen

Sarah von Essen is a journalist based in Copenhagen. She is currently working on a very balanced book about Hillary Clinton.

Saul Austerlitz

Saul Austerlitz is the author of Money for Nothing: A History of the Music Video from the Beatles to the White Stripes. He writes about film, music, and literature, and his work has been published in Slate, the Boston Globe, Film Comment, and Spin.

Sebastian Cohen

Sebastian Cohen is a language junkie in Beijing.

Seth Hart

Seth is Gelf's online outreach manager.

Shira Danan

Shira is a writer and comedian based in New York. If you can believe it, she blogs.

Shlomo Sprung

Shlomo Sprung is an accomplished sportswriter and blogger who graduated in 2011 from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism.

Steve Weinberg

Steve Weinberg is a writer in Columbia, Missouri.

Ted Berg

Ted Berg is the senior editorial producer for

Tim Bella

Tim Bella contributes research and reporting to the Wall Street Journal, and attends Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

Todd Gallagher

Todd is God's lonely man.

Tom Flynn

Tom Flynn has written two books, Baseball in Baltimore and Venable Park.

Vincent Valk

Vincent Valk is online editor for Chemical Week magazine.