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Sept. 17th, Geeking Out: The Pioneer Detectives

Gelf is expanding to San Francisco! Join us for our premiere bay area event at the Knockout on Tuesday, September 17th for an evening devoted to mystery, science, and the temptation to believe. Konstantin Kakaes will discuss his new e-book, The Pioneer Detectives, which tells the story of the Pioneer Anomaly, an unknown force acting on the spacecraft Pioneer 10, the first man-made object to journey through the asteroid belt and visit Jupiter, eventually leaving the solar system. The Anomaly had the potential to upend Einstein and Newton—to change everything we know about the universe. You can read Kakaes's Gelf interview here.

Kakaes and Gelf editor David Goldenberg will discuss the book and what it says about how scientific knowledge gets made and unmade, how vulnerable data can be, and what the Anomaly says about the major problems of standard theories of gravity.

Geeking Out logo

Graphic by Mister Lister.

Please bring your friends and spread the word to lovers of space, physics, history, mystery and antennas.

Event Details:
The Knockout (Official site, map)
3223 Mission (at Valencia)

Blocks from the 24th St. BART

Doors open at 6.

Event starts at 6:30.

There is no admission charge.

Attendees must be 21 or older, as per Knockout rules.

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Varsity Letters

August 8th: The Science of Sports

Varsity Letters and Geeking Out, Gelf's sports and science reading series, team up for a night devoted to the intersection of both fields at the Gallery at LPR on Thursday, August 8th. Sports Illustrated senior writer David Epstein will read from and discuss his new book, The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance. He'll be joined by David Sally, co-author of the just-released The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Soccer Is Wrong.

Geeking Out

August 8, Geeking Out: Mind Tricks

Join Gelf at The Gallery at LPR on Wednesday, August 8 for an evening devoted to the study of tricking the mind—and a magic show! Alex Stone, author of Fooling Houdini, will discuss his book about NYC's magician subculture and the theoretical and cognitive underpinnings of illusion, and perform a magic show. Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychologist at NYU and expert on intelligence and creativity, will discuss unconscious intelligence and what we don’t know about what happens in our minds.

Geeking Out

February 20: Geeky Garbage

If we are what we throw away, then what we throw away is worth a close look. Join Gelf on Monday, February 20, at 7:30 pm at The Gallery at LPR for Geeky Garbage, a look at that most overlooked aspect of the overlooked—civilization's waste. We'll have on hand the New York City sanitation department's resident anthropologist and an expert on some of the city's earliest landfills to talk about what really happens when we throw something in the trash, and how it impacts everyone.

Geeking Out

November 17: Geeking Out on The Death Gene

While the Fountain of Youth has, to our knowledge, not been discovered, man has long tried to imagine a world without death and aging—a quest that has taken in authors and scientists alike. Join Gelf at Pacific Standard in Brooklyn on November 17 for an evening with a writer who has imagined a postmortal universe and two researchers who are, if not unlocking the secret to eternal life, at least trying to make aging less unpleasant (and curing some nasty diseases along the way). Our three speakers will Drew Magary, a Varsity Letters alum, Deadspin contributor and author of The Postmortal; Aubrey de Grey, a gerontologist and chief science officer of the SENS Foundation, a group that works to promote 'rejuvenation biotechnologies' that could combat aging-related illnesses and, perhaps, aging itself; and Jan Viig, chair of the genetics department at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and an expert on the human genome's relationship to aging and death.

Geeking Out

July 26th: The Science of Well-Being

Tuesday, July 26, marks the triumphant return of Gelf's Geeking Out series to Brooklyn, at a new venue: Park Slope's Tea Lounge. We'll dissect the meaning of "wellness" with Michael Kelly Sutton, who found a better way to live by getting rid of most of his worldly possessions in his Cult of Less project; Danielle Posa, who works with the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, a massive well-being survey that has uncovered thousands of eye-popping insights about Americans; and Lew Daly, director and senior fellow at Demos, a think tank devoted to economic and social justice.

Geeking Out

September 16th: The Anatomy of the Big Apple

On Thursday, September 16th, we'll be hosting a very special Geeking Out devoted to the inner workings of New York City. The evening will feature Benjamin Kabak , author of popular subway blog Second Avenue Sagas discussing the MTA; Sharon Zukin, author of Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places, on gentrification; and Charles Komanoff, creator of the Balanced Transportation Analyzer, discussing how to optimize the city's transportation network. Please spread the word and bring your friends.

Geeking Out

May 20th: Geeky Parasites

On Thursday, May 20th, we'll be hosting our grossest Geeking Out yet in DUMBO. The night will feature Gene Kaplan, author of the parasite-riddled new book, What's Eating You? and Louis Sorkin, a bedbug expert at the American Museum of Natural History. Admission is FREE. Drinks (both alcoholic and otherwise) will be available. Please spread the word and bring your friends.

Geeking Out

January 21: Star Wars Night

On Thursday, January 21st, Gelf Magazine is hosting the geekiest Geeking Out yet. January's event is dedicated to all things Star Wars; we plan to take our readers way down into the rabbit hole of extreme Star Wars fandom, looking at how Star Wars has influenced popular culture and how fields as varied as cartography and zombie fiction have been overrun by the Force of George Lucas's creation. Speakers include Joe Schreiber, author of the zombie Star Wars novel Death Troopers and Jason Fry, the author of Star Wars: The Essential Atlas. Admission is FREE. Drinks (both alcoholic and otherwise) will be available. Please spread the word and bring your friends.

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