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May 7, 2008

We're Sorry, Cleveland

A certain national chain pizzeria recently apologized to the city of Cleveland and Cavs' star LeBron James for printing T-shirts that read "Crybaby: 23" during the recent Cavs-Wizards playoff series. The chain is also doing its penance for insulting The Chosen One by "rewarding" the earnestly loyal fans of Cleveland with 23-cent pizzas all day this Thursday—thus ensuring the continuation of free, undeserved publicity, though not from this website.

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Being from New York, we have a built-in bias against national pizza chains, so we're just gonna come right out and tell you, Cleveland, they're really just offering you those pies at cost. Instead, good citizens of Cuyahoga County, why don't you come down to New York and enjoy a free pizza with a pint of Brooklyn Pennant Ale? You'll have to pay for the beer, but we're pretty sure it's a better deal.

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