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May 5, 2008

We Can't All Be Seabiscuit

As Wonkette aptly noted over the weekend, Hillary Clinton's pick in the Kentucky Derby, Eight Belles, finished in second. She was also the only female horse in the race, and she lost to Big Brown, for what it's worth. Oh, and then she broke both ankles and had to be put to death on the track.

The Biscuit and Hillary

Seabiscuit meets Hillary Clinton. An artist's rendition.

Perhaps Clinton should have limited her equine selections to the past, where she could have been assured of no embarrassing public executions. If she wants to latch on to history's favorite come-from-behind horse-of-the-people, though, she'll have a lot of company. That mantle has already been appropriated by no fewer than five of the current and former Presidential candidates, including John Edwards, who once exclaimed to a crowd, "We are Seabiscuit" in the run up to the New Hampshire primary.

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