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April 23, 2008

Urination Nation

Last year, Gelf caught up with the creator of the Stadium Pal, who seems to have found an answer to the age-old question, "How do I drink myself silly without needing to run to the bathroom every six minutes?" However, during the intervening months we've learned that the Stadium Pal is not the only new and exciting way to pee.

WhizBiz is an Australian company which aims to "give women the freedom to wee anywhere a man could," so try not to act too startled the next time you see a woman at a urinal. Their product, the Whiz Freedom, looks to be a cone attached to a tube.
The GeeWhiz Condom Catheter is the winner of 2008's Medical Design Excellence Award. We don't really know enough about medical design to pass judgment on that one, but the folks at Medgadget "can't wait to try it on." On the other hand, it gives Gizmodo "the willies", though the site notes that the condom catheter is "leak-proof," which has to be good. And it avoids the problem of … insertion.

Penis Pouch
Finally, there's always BioRelief.com, child of the Stadium Pal and home of the Stadium Gal. BioRelief also sells the Clear Advantage with Aloe, which is "designed for maximum wear time." Or you can buy a "penis pouch" (at left) or a "collection bag." We hope we never need those.

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