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May 29, 2008

The VP of Bodily Fluids

As the primary season winds down (we hope), the media can finally start discussing issues other than the horse race for delegates. But it needs to speculate about something—enter the vice presidency. The VP selection parlor game has been an election year favorite for as long as we can remember and, truthfully, it is kind of fun (our picks: Richardson and Romney). And, inevitably, an old quote from FDR VP John Nance Garner saying the job's as worthless as "warm bucket of spit" is trotted out. Or is it a "pitcher of warm piss?" Depends who you ask.

Image Description

Garner, sans pitcher or bucket.

To conservative pundit Mary Matalin, quoted in the Politico, it's "a warm bucket of spit." Boston.com, however, appears to think it's the spit that's warm, not the bucket. The American Spectator quotes "the salty Texan" as saying that the bucket's filled with warm piss, not warm spit.

The bodily fluid in question, whatever it is, is actually in a pitcher, according to both the Washington Times and Real Clear Politics. In the formulation of the former, the pitcher is filled with spit, in the latter, with piss.

So who's got it right? According to Garner's Wikipedia page, The American Spectator wins the prize. Which, we're proud to say, is a bucket of warm piss.

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