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May 23, 2008

Sex Exchanges

This just in from smart people: Men sometimes buy women stuff in the hopes of getting sex in return. More often than not, they are unsuccessful in this attempt. In addition, women will occasionally give men sex, or the possibility of sex, in exchange for stuff or protection.


Like penguins, humans exchange sex for stuff.

In yet another entry in the long, proud, academic tradition of stating the obvious, University of Michigan researchers studied 475 undergrads to reach this groundbreaking conclusion. Daniel Kruger, a research scientist who worked on the study, found it "remarkable" that such behavior persists "in people who are already well provided for."

We'd really like to know if Kruger has lived in, say, post-World War II America—or if he's heard of "dating."

So what's next for the Annals of Academic Research? We, for one (two? Several? Well, whatever we are) are waiting on the much-anticipated and shocking studies, "People Still Enjoy Junk Food" and "Attractive Female Bartenders Get Better Tips."

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