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July 26, 2007

Reviewers on 'The Simpsons Movie': 'The Lesson Is, Never Try'

The Simpsons Movie is about to open, which means that the world's newspapers are now flooded with reviews packed to the gills with our favorite Simpsonisms. (Or at least the ones that translate relatively unawkwardly to headlines; so far, we haven't come across any reviews titled, "This Movie Smells Like Cat Food.") But as Slate points out today, reviewers have already tapped into characters like Mr. Burns for inspiration, even if they can't seem to agree on whether the movie was any good or not:

Seattle Weekly: 'The Simpsons Movie': Eeeexcellent!

AP: 'The Simpsons Movie' not exxxxxcellent

Here are a few more Simpsons-character-aphorisms-cum-review-headlines:


Associated Press 'Simpsons Movie': 'Woo-hoo' or 'D'Oh'?

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
'The Simpsons Movie': Ready, set, D'OH!

New Statesman
Taking on the big screen? Doh!

Boston Herald
Woo hoo! 'Simpsons' satire larger than life on big screen

Newark Star-Ledger
Woo-hooo! 'Simpsons' movie a Homer

Kansas City Chronicle
mmmm ... movie: Simpsons deliver some 'Haw-haws'

San Francisco Chronicle
Mmm ... popcorn movie

Waltham Daily New Tribune
Film review: Cowabungle!

New York Magazine
Will 'The Simpsons Movie' Be Aw-Diddly-Awful or Awe-Diddly-Awesome?

Eat my shorts

Eugene Register-Guard
Whoopee! for 'Simpsons' silliness

Pensacola News Journal
Best. Sneak preview. Ever.

Can you twist your favorite Simpsons catchphrase into a positive or negative review headline? If so, put your best effort in the comments, and make sure to leave an email address—we'll be sending a t-shirt to our favorite hack.

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Movie no function plot well without.

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