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February 24, 2007

Of Movies and Math Jokes

If you're thinking about seeing the new Jim Carrey flick The Number 23, you should check out the reviews first. They just might convince you to save yourself a Hamilton or two. This quasi-thriller is supposed to be about a man who becomes obsessed with how the number 23 presents itself in all areas of his life, but the plot never really comes together or makes any sense. Or, as over 30 different reviewers and their editors put it, the movie "doesn't add up." And there are plenty of other math clichés to throw at this crappy movie.

Unlucky Number, New York Magazine
Count Us Out, London Free Press
Fuzzy Math, Washington Post
Wrong 'Number', Baltimore Sun
Exponentially Awful, USA Today
Random Numbers, Montreal Gazette
Nothing Prime about 'Number 23,' Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Miscalculated, LA Weekly
Half Baked 'Pi', LA City Beat
Down for the Count, Salt Lake City Weekly

And while the Denver Post was clever enough to come up with a headline that uses the phrase "Numb and Number," my favorite headline, appearing in both the Charlotte Observer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is "Dim Sum."

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