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Media Circus

Hamilton Nolan at Media Circus

Joe, a lucky audience member, pits his wits against Gelf's "Real or Onion" quiz, followed by media critic Hamilton Nolan who makes a stand in defense of Gawker. Videos from "Media Circus" are after the jump.

Media Circus

Jeff Bercovici at Media Circus

At April's Media Circus,'s Jeff Bercovici talks about the "existential dread" of writing about the media from the within the belly of the beast. For those who couldn't make it to the event, videos from the night are after the jump.

Media Circus

Seth Mnookin at Media Circus

At April's Media Circus, Seth Mnookin talks about reporting on reporters reporting in Iraq.

Media Circus

April 7th: Gelf's First Media Circus Event

Introducing Media Circus, a new monthly speaking series from Gelf held at JLA Studios in DUMBO, Brooklyn—only one subway stop away from Manhattan! We'll be covering the media industry from the inside out, with speakers from a different field every month examining the contents of the belly of the beast. The inaugural event is devoted to media critics and how the press covers and consumes itself, especially in tough times. You can read interviews with our featured speakers Jeff Bercovici, media critic for; noted author and media writer Seth Mnookin; and Hamilton Nolan, Gawker's media critic.

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