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September 3, 2008

McCain's Hail Mary Pass to the Media

We were just as surprised as everyone else when we heard that Sarah Palin—governor of Alaska, recent small-town mayor, and avid moose hunter—was chosen to be John McCain's running mate. We also happen to agree with the many commentators who have noted that the pick was, at best, a big gamble, and, at worst, highly questionable. We just kind of wish said commentators would stop using the phrase "Hail Mary" (as in the last-resort football pass).

Sarah Palin

Just a few recent headlines:

San Francisco Chronicle: Sarah Palin: McCain's Hail Mary

Globe and Mail: A vice-presidential 'Hail Mary'

The Nation: McCain's Hail Mary Pass

The New Republic: Schumer on Palin: "Hail Mary Pass"

There's plenty more references to football's famous desperation play, buried in the text of any number of pieces, but listing them would take an entire day. Suffice to say that it's all right—really, it is—to just come right out and say that the pick was a risk, or a gamble, and not reach for the tired sports metaphors.

(Photo of Palin in Kuwait courtesy asecondhandconjecture's Flickr.)

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