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November 25, 2008

Maybe We Shouldn't Dismember Those Titans

The Tennessee Titans lost to the New York Jets this past Sunday, ending their bid for an undefeated season. But while the Titans were certainly defeated, were they dismembered? While the score was 34-13, the Titans' limbs appear intact. Sports-headline writers, in love with references to a mediocre football movie, may be disappointed by that fact:

Remember the Titans

Remember Denzel. Don't dismember him.

The New York Post and ESPN have called for the dismemberment of Tennessee's professional-football franchise (what, they just can't stand Graceland?). Local newspapers in southwestern Pennsylvania and central Illinois have also used the phrase, which would seem to advocate ripping apart athletes limb by limb, in headlines for articles about local sports teams with the same nickname. The Dallas Observer used it to write about youth basketball teams. At least the guys on the NFL Titans are professionals!

Isn't football violent enough? A crushing defeat would be just swell.

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