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March 16, 2016

March 22: The Audacity of Hoop

In the middle of primary season and March Madness, Gelf returns to The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge to discuss the meaning of basketball.

Sports Illustrated senior writer Alexander Wolff will be discussing his new book The Audacity of Hoop: Basketball and the Age of Obama.

He'll be joined by Shawn Fury, author of Rise and Fire: The Origins, Science, and Evolution of the Jump Shot --- and How It Transformed Basketball Forever.

• Read Gelf's interview with Wolff.

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Graphics by Mister Lister.

Event Details:

The Gallery at LPR (Official site, map)
158 Bleecker St. (between Sullivan St. and Thompson St.)
New York, NY 10012
Blocks from ACE/BDF/MNR/1/6 trains

Doors open at 7.
Event starts at 7:30.
There is no admission charge.
Attendees must be 21 or older, as per Le Poisson Rouge rules. (Email michael@gelfmagazine.com if you are under 21 and would like to attend. The farther in advance, the better; no guarantees.)

Please spread the word to sports fans and book lovers.

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