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Geeking Out

January 9, 2010

January 21: Star Wars Night

On Thursday, January 21st, Gelf Magazine is hosting the geekiest Geeking Out yet. January's event is dedicated to all things Star Wars; we plan to take our readers way down into the rabbit hole of extreme Star Wars fandom, looking at how Star Wars has influenced popular culture and how fields as varied as cartography and zombie fiction have been overrun by the Force of George Lucas's creation. Speakers include Joe Schreiber, author of zombie Star Wars novel Death Troopers and Jason Fry, the author of Star Wars: The Essential Atlas. Admission is FREE. Drinks (both alcoholic and otherwise) will be available. Please spread the word and bring your friends.

Geeking Out will be held Thursday, January 21st, at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm) at the JLA Studios art gallery on 63 Pearl St in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. Admission is FREE. Drinks will be available. Please spread the word and bring your friends.

Geeking Out Logo

Graphic by Mister Lister.

For those who prefer spacing with their details:

JLA Studios (Google Maps, Outside.In, JLA site)
63 Pearl St (between Water St. and Front St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Next to the F train. Close to the A,C. Accessible by the 2,3.

Doors open at 7:00.
Event starts at 7:30.

Visit reBar, around the corner, afterward; attendees of Geeking Out and other Gelf events get discounts on food and drink.

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