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February 4, 2008

It's a Manning's World

If the last Giants drive of Super Bowl XLII was as shocking to you as, say, a racist Panda ad, then you were not alone. With just over three minutes left in the ball game, you could have gotten 40:1 odds on Eli Manning becoming the night's MVP. But after a series of impressive scrambles (and one amazing catch by David Tyree), Manning became the hero of the night, and shed much of his reputation for being soft and, well, not so good.

The goat-turned-savior was the leading story the next day, and headline writers around the country scrambled to put their original spin on the turnaround. Despite their best efforts, though, many seem to have simply printed out the same punny line as last year, when Eli's brother won.

From the New York Post to the Contra Costa Times to the St. Petersburg Times, it seems that the editors couldn't resist the cheap wordplay of "Manning Up."

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