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May 19, 2008

I'd Rather Be Playing Video Games

We'd like to issue a correction of sorts. Last week, we wrote that the New York Times seems preoccupied with the problems of the, if not rich and famous, then the almost-rich and pretentious. The paper's business section, however, appears concerned, for at least one article, with the problems of the not-rich and probably-not-pretentious. (Though we must add that the photo accompanying this piece is of a guy who "stays at the Hampton Inn rather than the Hilton when he travels." We recommend the Travelodge, or a hostel.)


Stay here next time, guy

What are we ordinary folk doing to get the Times's attention? Buying discount-brand food, apparently. The article made sense, at first—given America's recent economic downturn, something's gotta give. It made sense, that is, until we read this:

"By no means has the economic downturn been bad for all product categories. For instance, sales of big-ticket electronics, like $1,000 flat-panel televisions and $300 video game systems, are on the rise, according to retailers and research firms."

So, Grand Theft Auto IV and plasma-screen TVs are worth splurging on, but eating real food isn't? No wonder there's an obesity epidemic.

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- posted on Sep 25, 08

"Holly Levitsky, a 56-year-old supermarket cashier in Cleveland, buys a brand of steak sauce called Briargate for 85 cents and surreptitiously pours it into an A1 steak sauce bottle she keeps at home."


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