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June 8, 2007

Forget the Polar Bears

Comedian Larry David is the first celebrity casualty of global warming. At least that’s how the tabloid press has been describing his separation from his wife of 14 years, prominent environmentalist Laurie David. Evidently, the couple is amicably divorcing because they’re having difficulty adjusting to Laurie's newfound fame as a champion of a hot cause and producer of the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Let the climate-change metaphors begin!

The coverage from ABC News Online is especially indulgent. We expected the obligatory Curb Your Enthusiasm reference in the opening line—"First the enthusiasm, now the marriage"—but the writer goes above and beyond with the line: "and though their marriage may go the way of the polar ice caps, one spouse stands to benefit from the separation." If that wasn't enough, she adds, "With her resume growing longer as the Earth's temperatures climb higher, [some expect] Laurie's relationship with Larry will eventually drop down to a footnote in her career."

By comparison, the usually-crude Page Six of the New York Post seems downright reserved, writing "The inconvenient truth for Laurie and Larry David is that their marriage is over."

Good Magazine's blog sums it up like this:

Global warming, not only is it destroying the planet, but it is destroying lives. Laurie David and Larry David have split, because Laurie David was spending too much time working on climate change issues, and not enough time with her family. Forget the polar bears, global warming has claimed its first celebrity victim.

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