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August 28, 2008

Forget That, Here's This

It has become cliché to note that in the Internet age, our collective attention span has declined to roughly 30 seconds per whatever it is that grabs our attention (what did we just say? We forget). As such, to ensure that your brain is not overloaded with conflicting and confusing messages, journalists have taken it upon themselves to let you know that it is not only OK, but recommended, to forget stuff. So long as you remember the subject of their articles.

China Daily: Forget the medal tally. The real winner of this year's Games is Beijing. (Because the Olympics can only have one true victor)

Barron's: Forget the economy, it's the stock price stupid. (Because the two are totally unrelated)

Slice Of Apple Pie
Wisconsin State Journal: Forget baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. Around here, we've got cow chip throwing and watermelon seed spitting and men in skirts -- yowzer! (Because nobody's ever served apple pie and watermelon at the same meal)

DispatchPolitics: Forget about swing voters. As Barack Obama heads to his party's national convention this week, he needs to convince his fellow Democrats that he should be president. (Because you can win an election without swing voters)

ABC News: Forget Oil, Coal Remains King (Because coal renders oil totally meaningless, clearly)

So forget this post, here's another one.

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