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December 3, 2008


As if Chinese Democracy weren't ridiculous enough already, the decades-in-the-making (we'd say "long-awaited," but we don't know of anyone who was waiting for it) Guns N' Roses album is now the subject of a lawsuit between Axl Rose's hair metal "band" and Dr. Pepper. The lawsuit—which relates to a promotion that went wrong when Dr. Pepper's website crashed—led to a CNN piece that, frankly, is worthy of its subject matter.

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According to CNN, the "pepper hit the fan" when Guns N' Roses (GN'R to fans!) became "Guns N' Roses N' Lawyers." But "no one is LOL!" And, lest we've forgotten, Axl Rose once sang, "Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day!"

We understand that this story isn't exactly worthy of a Jim Lehrer-like tone—indeed, nearly everything about Chinese Democracy seems tailor-made for a VH1 special, from the bloated title to the insane amount of time that went into it to the fact that it involves Axl Rose. But articles filled with frivolous pop culture references, old catchphrases and obvious jokes are not the stuff of biting satire. CNN would be better off leaving the humor to the professionals and letting the absurdity of stories like this one speak for itself.

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