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September 18, 2008

Carlos Zambrano, Venezuelan Aristocrat

Carlos Zambrano celebrated his recent no-hitter by allowing the 11 people who work in his Venezuelan home to have a day off. "They want to take the day off, have some drinks and get a little crazy. I say, 'OK, one day.' My home is empty today," the Cubs ace told the Chicago Sun-Times. Which led us to wonder: Why the hell does Zambrano need 11 people working in his house when he's not even there?


A Cubs no-hitter meant no work for 11 Venezuelans.

To get a little perspective, Gelf asked Milton Jamail, follower of Venezuelan baseball, about Zambrano's largess. Jamail responded:

I don't know Zambrano, but I believe living large and spending a great deal of money is not uncommon among those players from Latin American who make an enormous amount of money. I would not use the word aristocratic, but I guess it might be a useful descriptor.

It would be nice if multimillionaires spent their fortunes helping the world instead of lavishing Gucci on their dogs, but it's their money (the multimillionaires', not the dogs'). We're not socialists or anything. However, we do know of a certain Venezuelan who is. Perhaps soon he'll tell Zambrano, "We have had enough of so much shit from you, shit Cub!"

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