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March 30, 2011

Bracketless Bracket: The Final Two

After two weeks and 64 games, the 2011 NCAA basketball tournament is down to just four teams. Gelf's Bracketless Bracket field has constricted even further—only two contestants are still competing for the grand prize. The favorite is Joel Landas, who has been dominating the field since the early rounds. (Earlier, Landas told Gelf how he decided which teams to pick.)

Landas still has both Connecticut and Butler left, and has a 270 point lead on his closest competitor. In fact, the only contestant left with any chance to beat him is Trevor Duron. Though Duron is currently in 5th place in the competition, he's the only one in the top five to have chosen VCU. (Indeed, the Rams were the 11-seed of choice for less than 10% of the Bracketless Bracket contestants.) If VCU wins the championship, Duron will take top honors by just 30 points.

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