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February 9, 2009

Bacon Gets Internet Famous

We like bacon—it's super tasty (especially the thick strips they serve at Peter Luger's). But apparently there are some people who, well, really like bacon. Chief among them has got to be this guy, who is eating nothing but bacon for this entire month (and, yes, he's still at it). He's not alone, though: bacon has exploded onto the web.

Bacon an internet phenomenon? Before you spit out your baconnaise, remember that this is the same internet that made a celebrity out of a silent blinking girl. Besides, food has long been a part of internet lore. Consider, say, Spam. Spam may be many things, but bacon (and probably bacn) sure has it beat on the deliciousness front. There's also the eminently forgettable "Peanut Butter Jelly Time." If a dancing banana can make it, why not the underbelly of a pig?

Bacon, though, may be about to jump the shark. Consider, in recent days, coverage of "The Bacon Explosion" in the New York Times. Several thousand surfers have also checked out this figure made of bacon. We're still taken with the bacon challenge described above, though. A month just seems kind of excessive—maybe if he allowed himself to throw in some sausage, or some terbaconucken, we'd change our minds.

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