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September 11, 2008

Alabama: The Next Promised Land?

Are you Jewish? Need cash? Like Peanuts (the nut, not the comic strip)? You could get $50,000 just for relocating to Dothan, Alabama. A group in Dothan, a town of 58,000 in southeastern Alabama is offering Jews $50K to come on down, provided they stay for five years and get involved in the Temple Emanu-El. Larry Blumberg, the head of the program, has taken out ads in Jewish newspapers in Boston, Miami, Washington and Providence to try to entice the Chosen People of Israel to make their home in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

Dothan Peanut

Dothan's Elvis Presley Peanut Statue, courtesy of Richard Elzey's Flickr stream.

While there have only been 20 inquiries, and thus far nobody has made the move, we admire Blumberg's chutzpah and wonder if perhaps his idea could be adopted by other struggling communities. How about $10,000 to move (back) to Detroit? Maybe Nashville could use some more Catholics, or Boston a few extra Baptists? Having trouble getting enough Mormons together for your Brooklyn meetup? If you want to grow your community, you gotta pay up.

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