August 13, 2012

Zooming In: Cheerio 2012 Olympics

Bringing you the top Olympic stories that aren't covered in the USA! USA! USA!

Justin Adler

Zooming In London Olympics 2012

If hyperlocal was the journalism trend of 2011, then hyperinternational is today's hotness. (It's also possible we just made it up.) That's why Gelf Magazine and Deadspin have decided to showcase the best—or at least the most interesting—foreign-produced journalism with our new feature—Zooming In: The Olympic Edition.

In this oh-so bittersweet final edition of the Zooming In: London 2012, we check out Canadian and Malaysian disappointments, and learn that Aussies also partake in the great American pastime: bitching about TV coverage.

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Article by Justin Adler

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