March 4, 2008

Where Sport Isn't a Day Job

In Ireland, hurling and Gaelic football are amateur through their highest levels. An American journalist immersed himself in the games to seek a renewed love of writing.

Carl Bialik

Andy Mendlowitz, a 30-year-old burned out by newspaper journalism and unencumbered by family or pets, quit his reporting job and headed to Ireland, without a book contract, to write about the nation's top amateur sportsmen. Hurlers and Gaelic football players aren't paid, aren't traded, and work day jobs before training at night in the hope of qualifying for nationally televised championships.

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- Sports
- posted on May 01, 08
Rosemary Foley

How can I get in touch with Andy about speaking at my organization's "Speakers' Night". in Worcester, MA. Cost etc.
We are the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Center (AOH/LAOH). Irish-American Organization.

Thank You,

Rosemary Foley

Rosemary Foley

- Sports
- posted on Feb 26, 10
Joe Ó Muircheartaigh

I am trying to get in touch with Andy Mendlowitz - I'm emailing from a newspaper in Ireland, The Clare People in County Clare. I have reviewed his book, but would like to contact him.

Joe Ó Muircheartaigh

Article by Carl Bialik

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