August 24, 2009

What's Big, Gay, and Covered in Sprinkles?

The proprietor of one of Manhattan's newest, proudest food trucks insists that ice cream need not be so vanilla.

Shira Danan

Sriracha on your chocolate cone? If that quirky combo entices, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck may be for you—big, gay, or not. The truck, a recent addition to Manhattan's accelerating mobile-food scene, is owned with pride by Doug Quint and his boyfriend Bryan Petroff.

Quint, a classically trained bassoonist and smiling bear of man, started truckin' at the beginning of the summer. He uses Twitter to transmit his ever-changing location and daily array of traditional, gourmet, and just-plain-weird toppings; devotees may wake up to such delicious tweets as "Pumpkin butter, peppermint syrup, fresh strawberry sundaes and shakes, choc mint cookies, pretzels, Grape Nuts, peanut butter cartwheels." (His agenda seems to be working—according to Quint's blog, the rainbow-themed Big Gay Ice Cream Truck logo has been sighted on shirts as far away as Okinawa.)

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Article by Shira Danan

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