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June 8, 2011

Watching the Sports Media

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch covers the sporting press. He tells Gelf what he thinks of his colleagues and some of his competitors.

David Goldenberg

Want to know what's going on in sports media—and what to think about it? Follow @RichardDeitsch on Twitter. The prolific tweeter—and Sports Illustrated media writer—weighs in on everything from the new NBC-Olympics deal to Bill Simmons's new (and likely fleeting) position above Rick Reilly on the home page. Deitsch is the rare journalist who hasn't let his post at one of the big boys in the field change the critical way he thinks about the ever-growing beast that is sports media. Deitsch the writer is fair to his subjects and generous with crediting other reporters. Deitsch the tweeter is funnier and more cutting.

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Article by David Goldenberg

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